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    Headphones to my TV

    I have a new Sennheiser wireless headset and need to know how to connect it to my hdtv. Nothing I do seem to work. There is no headphone jack on the tv. This is driving me crazy cuz I HAVE TO kill the noise and still hear the program. The TV is a Panasonic L32C12 and the headset is a TR120 with red and black jacks.

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    same prob

    Yes, I've also having both these things and facing the same problem, I need technical that kind help as you sir, I'm curious to know the solution but I think there is no solution and I have to buy a new one for adjustment.

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    I had a quick look at the specs for that TV and I think it only has a digital audio output. I could be wrong - maybe I missed something, but if there is no analog headphone output you'll need to get a digital-to-analog converter.
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