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    Is this a better solution than streaming video using flash or win server ?

    Hello everyone.

    Iam completly new to streaming video.

    As a new comer i have this idea in my mind for quit a long time, so please correct me if iam asking a wrong or blunder idea to validate

    Imagine that I have split a 1GB movie file into 1000 equally sized(1 MB / 2 MB) individual files and uploaded onto an online server and changed its file names in numerical order that is Movie.part1.avi, Movie.part2.avi.....Movie.part999.avi etc..and each file is an exact continuation video of the other.

    Then I will write an application with my Playout SDK which would download the first part or the first file from the online server to a virtual drive(the drive thats only visible to my app) and subsequently download the other as soon as the first one finishes to play. Since these files are very small in size(1 MB/2 MB) it will take less bandwidth and time to download.

    And the playout SDK that iam using, plays these framgmented files one after the other without any blank in between playing the sequential files downloaded from the server, so the playing will be very smooth and user will not notice any apparent jerk as long as he has a stable net connection.

    The advantage of this is that my clients can upload any files to an online server and save money for their local harddisk space and bcz the files are very small, even a not-too-high-speed net connection will work efficiently with them.

    With this process i could play any High res videos easily without eating much of the net bandwidth and time to download.

    I dont know much about the streaming or networking technologies and their merits or de-mertis

    As such my questions are these:

    1) Is this process better than streaming video from an online media server or is it better to stream from flash or windows media server ?

    2) What are the advantages i will get from video streaming media servers over the process i mentioned above ?

    3) For the server, in terms of server efficiency is it better to transfer the 1 MB files to its client machines or is it better to use a flash or windows media streaming software and stream videos to its client machines ?

    I hope you guys understand my idea and will reply to this thread as soon as possible.

    Thank in advance.

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    Although I am also new at this, I think that your idea is very good and I would like to learn more about your project. Have you managed to get an answer to your questions until now? If you are interested, I might be able to share some of my ideas with you as well. Best of luck!

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    so far haven't no one has replied to me regarding this. I dont know why i even put this to my Playout SDK developer but i didn't heard from them so far.

    I am very eager to hear from you and share ideas with you.

    And i love to explain about my projects with you. Will send you a detail description about the projects but iam little busy with an important project now.

    Meanwhile, can u explain about yours ?


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