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Grand Prize: More than $300 worth of crazy candies, snacks and other edible delights! The GRAND PRIZE includes The World’s Largest Gummy Bear (a 5 pound gummy bear!), a Mr. ROOTBEER Rootbeer Making Kit, bacon popcorn, pickle toothpaste, cupcake gumballs, french fry lip balm, mustache energy drink, vampire repelling garlic mints, a Giant Gummy Bear on a stick, absinthe gumballs, bacon candy canes, cupcake mints, candy cigarettes, effervescent bacon drink tablets, a variety of Blue Q breath sprays, cupcake floss, bacon gravy, meatball gumballs, Nintendo game controller mints, wasted & broke ramen noodle soup, douche bag gum, wasabi lip balm, and so much more! It didn’t even all fit in the picture!

2nd Prize: The RUNNER UP will win The World’s Largest Gummy Bear! Weighing in at 5 pounds, this massive gummy bear is equal to 1,400 regular gummy bears!

3rd Prize: The 3rd place video will win a Mr. Rootbeer Rootbeer Kit! The kit produces a traditional old-fashioned tasting root beer that is a hit with adults and children alike!

How to Enter: Use one (or many) of the zany edibles in our “Candy + Yum” section in your video. Make us a giggle, make us cringe, impress us with your film or graphic skills, or make us wish we had thought of it! The skies the limit, but creativity is key! (Examples: Do a blind taste test; or Make somebody believe you’re eating raw bacon while you snack on our gummy bacon!)

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