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    what does it mean when you trace an IP and...

    you get:

    "No host name is associated with this IP address or no reverse lookup is configured."

    does this mean this ip is a spam harvestor? Or is someone using an anonymizer (sp?) ? I see this in my access logs and I was getting spam for a while...

    like this ip:

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    Hi Lynne, I think to assume its a harvester may be jumping the gun a little.
    It IS possible though, although it's a complex issue....

    The message ("No host name is associated....etc) is telling you there is nothing set up at that address - rather like a phone number that has not been assigned. If you ring an unassigned phone number you get a 'no-such-number' tone...likewise if you try to access an unassigend IP (trace, ping etc) you will also get a 'no-such-number' message.

    However, there could be various other reasons for this type of would be that that IP address may be part of a range of dynamically assigned IP's (and not being used when you did your trace), or perhaps that IP has been assigned but the server is offline.

    Another possibility is that the IP was spoofed, and used by someone to mask their real IP address (possibly for spamming)

    Really, its almost impossible to tell.

    But lets look at that IP.....

    - Ping tells us the "Destination host is unreachable". (Certainly points to an unassigned IP)
    - Traceroute stalls at
    - Another lookup on that IP and found out this info about it...

    Location: United States [City: Limestone, Tennessee]
    KMC TELECOM, INC. KMC20-66-208-128 (NET-66-208-128-0-1) -
    KMC Telecom, Inc. (RNK0) 66-208-185-1-0 (NET-66-208-185-0-1) -
    Local Net - Roanoke KMC-RNK0-CBLK995 (NET-66-208-185-0-2) -

    CustName: Local Net - Roanoke
    Address: 2151 Hollins Rd
    City: Roanoke
    StateProv: VA
    PostalCode: 24012
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2004-02-12
    Updated: 2004-02-12

    NetRange: -
    NetName: KMC-RNK0-CBLK995
    NetHandle: NET-66-208-185-0-2
    Parent: NET-66-208-185-0-1
    NetType: Reassigned
    RegDate: 2004-02-12
    Updated: 2004-02-12

    It looks like the IP is in a range currently owned by them. And by the looks of it, they deal in mail accounts, so the theory that spammers are involved seems more likely. (Of course, a spammer could easily find out this block of IP's are used for mail accounts and use the IP's for spoofing). news about bombing in London just coming through....I'll get back to you if you want more info......gotta go watch this news broadcast....


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    USA - in front of my computer (too much of the time)
    Thanks, Scratch. I appreciate it.

    (Sorry for the delay in responding; I didn't realize I had a response)


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