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    How to adjust a picture background

    Hi all!
    Recently i worked with photoshop , there i changed my won picture background . at first i copied my picture's selected area and then paste it in another new picture which i used as background . i adjusted my picture with transform tool(ctrl +T) but i did not able to adjust the size of background picture . now it looks unadjusted background with the picture . i dont know how to do it . i am new and try to learn the photoshop basics . pls friend me to do that

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    As long as you did not flatten the layers after you imported or pasted the background & kept it as a separate layer, you should be able to adjust the size by:

    1- Select your move tool
    2-Select the background
    3- Drag the edge of the layer to fill as much of the background as you like.

    Does this answer your question?


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