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    OB Working Manual

    I'm trying to put together a OB manual for my small Video production team. We did an OB which was a bit all over the place. any suggestion?. I'm new to this so please need alot of help.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    That sounds like a good idea but it's a very broad question and I don't really know where to start. It seems that you want a manual specific to your situation rather than a general document about OB work - is that right?

    The last time I made an OB manual I went with a bit of a mixture. The manual included some generic instructions but it focused mainly on how we did things in our operation. I started by spending time in each position and making notes of all the tasks that need doing. From there I developed a separate manual for each position that broke down all those tasks and explained how to do each one.

    Perhaps you could ask your staff to make a list of the tasks they do in a day - that might be a good start.

    What sort of problems did you experience? Was it that tasks weren't getting done, or was it that your staff knew what tasks to do but weren't doing them properly?
    Dave Owen


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