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    wireless system for guitar

    Looking for recommendations for a wireless system for electric guitar. So far I have narrowed my search to either sennheiser or shure.

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    They're both good. But if I had a choice, I'd go with shure simply becuase I've worked with their mics so much and I can always rely on them and shure is definately a good brand. Sennheiser is also a good brand and I haven't personally worked with their mics but I have worked with one of their snakes and XLR cables and connectors, and from what I have seen so far, they're just behind shure and if money is an issue, go with sennheiser. But, it's mostly personal preference of brand. What you'll probably want to do is go to their websites and comapare and see which suits you best. Have fun!

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    Sorry no recommendations, here

    What's the possibility of bringing your guitar to the store that you plan to buy from and then testing on site to make your decision?
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