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    What can be done to improve older cd's sound?

    Hi Guys,
    I have some older cd's that were mastered in the early days and will probably never get re-mastered. My question is this, can anything be done to improve the overall sound of the cd? I don't really wanna mess with the eq all that much, eq'ing a final mix is usually a bad idea. I just wanna add some punch, increase volume a bit..increase the resolution if I there anything that can be done and what would you do.

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    Dear vonhfg,

    I've been going back over your past messages after getting a little suspicious. You've been posting a huge number of messages covering all sorts of different topics in different styles, and never responding to any of the replies you're getting. I googled a few of your messages and found that the exact same messages have been posted on other forums with the same pattern. For example, the message above was originally posted word-for-word to back in November 2010. I have come to the conclusion that you're actually a spammer and I've therefore deleted all your recent messages and your sig.

    If I've got this wrong please use our contact form to explain the situation.
    Dave Owen

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    Good catch, Dave.
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