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    Help with green screen fastttttt

    ok so since i have a bunch of blue screen paint i was thinking of painting the walls blue so i can chroma key but if i want to extend it the i would have to put up screens which i have a green so you can see the problem
    now if i was shooting a video and half the is blue and the othere half if green (i am panning the camera)
    then will i be able to chroma key both them out and put either a continues background or something like beach in half and urban in other half or i can use the green screen fabric for the floor so i can do a whole shot
    IS this possible

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    I don't think that's a good idea. You really want to keep the key colour the same or as close as possible. Trying to key two completely different colours in the same shot is technically possible but asking for grief. I recommend choosing getting either some blue screens to match the paint you have, or green paint to match the screens you have. Most likely the green paint will be easier and cheaper.
    Dave Owen


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