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Thread: Phantom Power

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    Phantom Power

    Does switching on a universal phantom power switch on a mixer really damage non-condenser mics that may be connected. Have heard conflicting views on dis matter

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    Indeed there are conflicting views on this. Assuming the other mics are balanced dynamic mics, there should be no problem as the phantom power is effectively invisible to them. However I would not want to guarantee this, and certainly anything that uses non-standard wiring might be suspect. I tend to err on the side of caution and only send phantom power to a mic that needs it. Of course this is quite a pain when your desk doesn't have phantom power for individual channels.

    One option is to turn on universal phantom power and then disable it on individual channels by using a 1:1 isolation transformer or blocking capacitors. I'm not an electrical expert though so it might pay to consult someone a little more knowledgable. Any audio guru want to comment on this?
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