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    durability and strength of connectors

    Hi ! I know im just brand new here
    but still i hope that someone would take a little time for me here
    i'm in 1st year in college of sound recording and the paper i'm writing now needs an explanation on the durability and strength of this connectors
    - mini jack ⅛
    - jack TS/TRS
    - XLR
    - RCA - phono
    - MIDI 5 pin din
    - Digital / USB , 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 BS
    - Optical cable / Gos link
    - Fire wire 400, 800
    - sp dif /

    I had looked on the web, but without success.
    im not experienced so i cant answer from my knowledge!

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    Interesting question. It would be good to see some empirical data but all I can offer is a few thoughts based on my own experience. Not scientific at all I'm afraid. I should also point out that all these connectors are fine if you're careful. It's usually only misuse/abuse that results in damage. Also, the brand is very important - for example, XLRs are generally top-of-the-line connectors but a cheap crappy brand of XLR can still fall apart.

    - mini jack ⅛ “ - Not particularly strong or durable. Easily bent if you're not careful.
    - jack TS/TRS - Better than the ⅛" but still a little bit prone to getting bent.
    - XLR - Very solid and robust. Often includes a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection.
    - RCA - phono - Highly variable - some brands are a little bit fragile or poor quality but good ones are fine.
    - MIDI 5 pin din - With all din (and all multi-pin) connectors, be very careful when lining them up to connect. Inexperienced operators sometimes try to force them the wrong way or into the wrong jack, in which case they are easy to damage.
    - I don't have much to say about the others except that they're not really "industrial strength" but as long as you look after them they should be fine.
    Dave Owen

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    sory, i forgot to thank for this aswer, which was of verry good help! Thanks Dave

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