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Thread: Eq !

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    Eq !

    How, ... to be sure to recreate in your own pa the sound that was wanted by the artist or engineer when mixed down. ??

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    i presume you cant... can you?

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    well my friend, you can't.
    u can get close but every pa sounds a little different, every room sounds different, every mix will sound different and will react different on every room, pa etc.
    get the point. assuming the music u play is mastered, it should sound fine on eny system. u can make minor adjustment using eq but prefect match to the original mix, made in the acoustice mix room will not be achieved.

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    Also, I think the problem with your question is that it's very broad, i.e. there's no simple answer to cover something that has so many possible variations. As giladpiker said, every venue is going to be different, as is every artist, every mix, etc. What you're really asking is "How do I become a good enough engineer that I can adapt to every situation and get the best match to a mix?"

    The answer is that you just keep learning, practicing, talking to other engineers and gaining experience. There's no magic button for that I'm afraid, it's just a case of being patient while you invest a lot of time and hard work.
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