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    how to use a minolta maxxum 50 camera

    I just purchased a minolta maxxum 50 camera from a pawn shop. My question is a simple one. Do i need film in this camera before it will flash or to at least hear a click from the camera. It is digital by the way.

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    Hi Koolcarson,

    If you just want to test the flash, just pop the flash up and shoot. It should go off. If it doesn't, check your battery level.

    I am, however puzzled. The Konica-Minolta Maxxum 50 is a film SLR camera, not digital. Why do you say it is digital?
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    how do you get the problem with your minolta 50 camera solved... am from Africa and i got one for the world cup but i could not use it because i don't know how to use it... so can you add me on your face book and we get to talk about it.... my face book is kunleaddy. take care of yourself

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    Hey guys!I need help with my camera as well. I need a manual(although I would probably not understand) So could someone help me.


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