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    Long Way Round Style Documentary - Advice Needed

    Hey Guys!
    My wife and I will be traveling by bicycle starting in Canada then to Mexico (Continental Divide) then down to South America, Africa and so on... and wanted to do a long way round style documentary on our trip. We do not leave until next May/June so I have until then to practice, practice and practice some more since I have absolutely no experience in how to use a camera or construct a documentary.

    So far I have the following equipment:
    - Canon XA10 Camcorder (on its way!)
    - 1 (of 2 when I can afford the other) GoPro HD camera that will be mounted on bike and person. (on its way)
    - Need recommendations for wireless audio for this specific camera
    - Any other recommendations would be great

    I just purchased a few books as well:
    - Shut up and Shoot by Anthony Q Artis
    - Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos
    - Any other recommendations would be great

    Also curious to see if you could point me in the right direction on ideas/online workshops in how to create the look and feels of the long way round documentaries. If not familiar with the documentary a search of Long Way Round will do the trick.



    P.S. It took awhile to save for the above, so there is no turning back now!

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    You will find that Boorman and McGregor had a large support crew over the few months they filmed. Basically they were filmed by others. Then it took studio just as long again to edit and produce from the raw footage. You will be trying to do all this on your own whilst still pedalling.Suggest you start by filming a 2 or 3 day short ride and edit what you have at the end. Throw it on youtube and invite comment. Dont worry about audio yet.


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