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    New Computer, tried to move PRE files across but reload was unsuccessful

    My dear old 6yo PC just couldnít cope with APE & PRE so I got a new you beaut PC yesterday.

    it's an ASUS win7, 64bit, i7 Quad core processor, 16Gb ram, USB3, nVidia GForce with 3Gb graphics card, 17.3" screen, 1.5Tb hard drive, Blue Ray RW CD burner, +++++

    So I installed APE &PRE on the Asus plus QT, then used an external HD to move the movie file of the partly completed movie, all the required photo, video & music folders that were previously needed & installed all exactly how it had been on the old PC.

    However when I opened PRE & the partly completed movie it wasnít able to place the photos, music & videos in the right place. Like it had lost the links I guess.

    I assumed PRE would be able to find the files again since I had imported them all back into PRE. There are hundreds of them.

    Do I have to completely rebuild my movie or is there a way to get PRE to recognize the files again & populate the timeline again? The bones of the movie file are there. But nothing is working. No still photos are showing up nor video tracks or the music I placed in the audio tracks. It was completed up to the stage of rendering. My old PC was just not strong enough to do that job.

    I didnít think there would be any problem moving the files & setting them up again as they were before, because I was told to store the PRE files on an exHD in anycase.

    Is there some extra file that has certain directions in it that PRE relies on still to be moved?

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    assuming "pre" means premiere... :)

    hi clissat

    assuming u are working on premier, check out "prject manager" under " project" tab.
    what u are supposed to do is an action called "collect files".
    this means premier will collect all the sources needed for your selected sequence and will copy them to one location with a new saved project. u will have all your files and project in one folder and then u will be able to move them anywhere u want.
    this feature exists on premier cs5 for sure. i havnt checked it on previous versions.
    altenatively, u can right click on a missing file and use "link media to show premier the new file location. if other missing files are in the same folder it may be able to recconect other files too. otherwise youlle have to link the manually.

    i really hope pre means premier, otherwise this means nothing

    good luck

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    Quote: giladpiker
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    hi clissat

    assuming u are working on premier, check out "prject manager" under " project" tab.
    what u are supposed to do is an action called "collect files".

    Yes Gilad you are correct, I am referring to Adobe Premiere Elements 9. It came in a pack with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. On the desktop it has a lilac icon with 'pre' on it & the PSE icon is aqua with 'pse' written on it. I've seen them referred to by all sorts of names. I call them APE & PRE.

    Anyway I have had a good look through all it's (PRE) headings. When a project is open there is a button on the right called 'Project' but that just opens a list of all the files & folders imported & a green tick against those in use. There is no other menu associated with that button. No other part of any of the various menus had anything that might act like the 'collect files' you mention. APE 9 & PRE 9 are quite different to things like CS5 & the like.

    There is a 'share' button but that turns the project inot avi files ready for burning or other things. It does say 'to show on computer' but it more likely means to be shown on computer as a finished movie.

    Anyway I have managed to link most of the missing files although some of them seem determined to remain at large!

    I've got the movie ready to render but I'm a bit concerned because while doing final edits on the new PC PRE has had to instantly shut down. I was amazed because it is the only thing running on the new PC. You can't get bigger than the Asus if buying off the shelf & there should be enough omph to run 100 such movie files!

    The rendering will require a large amount of memory. I have recently learnt that I can render small sections as I go along then join them all together. Rather than render the whole 17mins in one hit would it be prudent to break it up smaller? There's no problem with having to leave it to do it's thing for hours because the new PC is only for these movies at this stage.

    Alternatively how do I allocate PRE more usabe capacity from the new PC?

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    I've pretty much lost contact with Premiere Elements so I can't be specific but here's my 2 cents...

    In Premiere Pro, if you open a project with missing files you're prompted to provide the location. Once you point to the first missing file, PPRO will automatically find all the other missing files if the basic file structure within the project folder is the same. I assume this didn't happen for you which does seem odd - I'd have thought that this feature would be in Elements as well. Did you get any sort of prompt the first time you opened in a new location?

    Regarding the second question, it could be worth finding out where PRE is storing temporary files. Sorry I don't know how to do this in PRE but in PPRO you can define the working folders for temporary files and this is a common issue - if the temp files are being stored on your main system drive you might be running out of room or coming up against performance problems. Really your system should be able to handle a 17-minute render so I'd recommend persevering, experimenting with different settings and seeing if you can getting humming a bit better. On the other hand, if it's just not working and you need a result ASAP, splitting it up would work - just keep your compression settings to a minimum (uncompressed if possible) so as to minimize quality loss until the final render.
    Dave Owen

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    Well things aren’t going smoothly with the Photoshop Premiere running on the new PC.

    It keeps crashing after playing the timeline for about 5mins. Any part of the timeline will cause it to happen.

    I thought of several things like paging file not big enough, somehow caching heaps of memory.

    I opened the Task Manager to watch the CPU usage, memory, paged & non-paged use, free & available cache space.

    Then I opened my project in PRE again, made some changes & saved as I went because it has crashed twice with work unsaved. Those errant files are still posing a problem but I am manually importing them each time I open it. I played the timeline in parts to make changes, then set it to play from the beginning. I watched the task manager as it played, then had to pause it to make changes a few times & replayed, then let it run.

    After a few minutes it crashed again. The crash only happens after continuously playing the timeline for several minutes. I can do editing work & play short sections without problems.

    I jotted down what the message window said. Right before the window opened there was a spike in CPU. However that would just have been caused by the software crashing.

    The message box said:-

    PRE has stopped working & needs to close.

    Windows can check online for a solution next time you are online.
    ( I clicked that option earlier today then went online but nothing happened. I was expecting an Adobe page to open at the troubleshooting section perhaps)

    Below the message were the problem details:-

    Event name: APPCRASH
    Fault module name: xerces-c_3_0.dll
    Other lines of info I guess were the address of the actual crash site. I can soon make it happen again by running the software if those command lines are important!

    Could it be because it’s a 32 bit software running on a 64 bit system? This new PC has anticrash software & it is supposed to diagnose & repair although that might be confined to Microsoft products. Or is it getting it's knickers in a knot because some of the files are not linked properly?

    Should I uninstall & reinstall as a first step? Would I need to save the project to the expansion HD again before uninstall?


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