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Thread: Dolly problems!

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    Dolly problems!

    Hello fellow film enthusiast! I come to you today for some help. I recently started using a Digital Conception dolly, I attached it to a Ravelli Professional Tripod and you know started testing it out. I noticed that on carpet when I would try to do a simple dolly zoom it would shake a lot. I pass this off as just a problem because of the carpet. But then a couple days later, I tried filming on really smooth pavement and still it shakes a lot. Does anyone know how I reduce or stop all the shaking?

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    Hi Iceman,
    There are 2 things you can do: First build a dolly that uses a track:
    The next thing is try to absorbe shock with the use of rubber bands: Pull the dolly with a couple of rubber bands.
    Henrick Horning


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