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    Help Needed with Sennheiser Wireless

    We're having a problem with a Sennheiser wirelss mic system I'm hoping someone can help us with.

    We've got the EM100 receiver and an ME3 headset microphone. The mic has been OK but we're getting a crackling sound whenever the wire is touched.

    So I figured I'd replace it...unfortunately I wasn't able to find much info on its specs.

    I orders a Samson SP746 headset, because it seemed very robust and has a replaceable wire. Unfortunately when I plug it into the Sennheiser body pack, it doesn't seem to work very well. If I turn down the sensitivity on the body pack (to around -15), I can hear the mic but then I hear a loud hiss in the background. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium. If I raise the sensitivity to -18 or -20 the hiss is gone but then I can't hear the mic!

    Anyone have any suggestions - or is this mic simply incompatible with the body pack?

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    It seems that you do have two different types of mic there - your ME3 is a computer headset but the SP746 is designed for professional sound systems. The output level is probably quite different, but I'm confused because I would have thought the SP746 would still be compatible with the EM100 since both are designed for sound system use. In theory (and according to the EM100 manual), adjusting the sensitivity should fix your problem.

    Are you able to try any other microphones with this receiver?
    Dave Owen

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    Hmmm...that's weird. I didn't think of it as a 'computer' mic: The ME2/ME4 lavaliere mics as well as the EM3 headset are listed in the manual as alternate mics for the SK100 bodypack. I'll have to scrounge around - I might have other mics around but not with the correct plug.

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    Skm 100

    PS I able to use the SKM 100 radio mic that came with it originally. That works fine, but I really need a headset mic so that both hands are free.

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    Shure Mic

    I found another mic - a standard Shure Beta 58A hand-held mic. I plugged that in and had no trouble adjusting the sensitivity so that I got a nice clear loud sound out of the wireless system.

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    Well - I guess they are simply incompatible and I'll have to find something else!


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