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    eCommerce question. Do the web hosts provide the pages for credit card entry or

    do you have to create them yourself with code. I also imagine there are hosts that do not have the ability to do it.

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    Payment services are usually provided by third-party companies. Although it's quite possible for you to create a payment page yourself, it's not usually a good idea unless you really know what you're doing. Likewise, you could employ a web designer to create a payment page - for many companies this is the best plan but in most cases it's far too expensive to justify.

    Many web hosts provide a simple to set up a payment page (or "payment gateway"). It may be a system they've developed themselves or, more likely, a system that uses some other payment specialist such as Paypal.

    If you're asking this question it's most likely that you'll want to use a pre-existing system rather than create your own. You can either find a web host that offers payment facilities, or use a service like Paypal and add it to your website.
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    I think Credit card functionality is given by Payment gateways so you don't have to ask this question to your web hosting provider but you have to ask this question to your payment gateway company.
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