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    timelapse - reduction of distortion

    Hello there,
    I am doing timelapse sequence showing building of house. I have hundreds of photos I took every day at construction yard. I did all photos from this same place but as you can expect every photo has small different distortion - different angle, liitle different zoom. But the main object (house) is always in center. There are also several static points which was unchanged during the whole process (background buildings, forground street etc). Is there any tool which is able to reduce the distortions? I would like to have my house from each photos at this same position at screen?

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    It seems there are two problems here. First, you'll need to line the photos up correctly so the house is in the exact same location within the frame. This can be achieved by importing all the images into a timeline and using an image stabilizing effect. I can think of two applications that could probably pull this off:
    Adobe After Effects - image stabilizer
    VirtualDub - DeShaker filter

    The second problem, as you point out, is that each image will have different lens distortion. Although I'm sure it's technically possible to address this, I'm afraid I don't know how. I guess the lesson is that it's a good idea to prevent that problem in the first place (ie sort out the optimum zoom & other settings, then make sure they're identical each time. Ideally you want to mount the camera in a secure position and leave it there for the duration).
    Dave Owen


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