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    videoing a speech

    I have to video a speech in a conference room. Do you know how the settings are normally sound-wise for this type of videoing? I had videoed an awards night in the past and they had a PA system, so we just got the sound directly from that. Do you know if they usually have a PA system in smaller conference rooms in business centres? Before asking them I'd like to hear if someone knows this already..
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    It's pretty standard to have a sound system in a conference room but if you want to know exactly what you're dealing with you could probably ring and ask them. Most conference venues are used to people asking this type of question.

    I don't think there's anything particularly special about the sound settings for this type of job. As always, do a test beforehand if at all possible, and adjust your audio input levels to an appropriate level. Also, monitor the audio with good headphones throughout the speech (don't assume that if it sounds good at the start it will still sound good at the end).

    BTW, one thing I like to do when shooting speeches is to place my little H4n unit right up close to the person speaking, to record the audio separately. I often put it on a mic stand but if that's too obtrusive there's usually somewhere it will go. I still record audio on the camera but the H4n gives me a good quality second option. It's saved my butt a couple of times. I'm not suggesting you run out and buy one (although I highly recommend them), but if you have some way to record back-up audio, it's a good idea.

    Actually, a lot of conference rooms have the equipment to record audio as part of the sound system. That could be worth asking about too.
    Dave Owen

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    Hello Dave
    Thanks for the quick and thorough reply.
    I'll ask the venue then and will definitely bring an audio recorder as well as per your suggestion - better safe than sorry!

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    could I ask you another question? I had videoed a more informal speech in a classroom - it was actually a Q & A - and the background noise (just of the room) was quite pronounced. Would it be advisable to maybe use a foam shield for this speech I have to do in a conference room?
    Thanks again


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