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    Very basic editing question

    I have installed Pinnacle Studio 15 hoping to do some simple edits on a 20 - minute interview, that is, cut out parts that I want to keep and then combine them. This program has zillions of features, most of which I will never need, but, nowhere can I find how to select parts of the interview, and save them somewhere. Yes, the Razorblade tool will make cuts, but the most basic step, how to save the clips is totally missing. This is the universal shortcoming with software designers; they know the process inside out, and upside down, but they completely lack the ability to explain the program to first-time users. That requires a special talent! Any help would be welcome. (Pinnacle support can hardly speak good English, by the way.)

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    It is difficult getting started. If I understand your question correctly, what you're looking for is some sort of "export" function. You cut and assemble the clips as required on your timeline, then you export the timeline as a new file. Does that sound right?

    Have you tried the tutorials on this page? I haven't watched them but I assume that they will teach you what you need to know. When getting started it's often a good idea to look for tutorials that teach you the workflow, which should cover the necessary basic operations.
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    Basic video editing

    Thankyou Dave. Yes, I have watched the Pinnacle tutorials but have to say that they are big on fanfare and very light on "how to" so I will be discarding their software, recommending that others avoid it and look for something which takes a practical approach, without the hype!


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