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    software suggestion?

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the site, and I've already learned quite a lot from it. I'm now looking to get some editing software, and was hoping for some advice.
    I'm new to video work, so I'm going to begin simply, the basics of film editing; with the idea of building skills as I go, color control, minor video & audio manipulation. My idea now is to rework footage from some afternoon bikerides into a rhythmic sequence. What programs are best for a beginner, that are easier to figure out? I'd like to spend under $100. I've read some good things about Corel, and I've also thought about Pinnacle Studios mostly because it's a bit cheaper. I've played around with Photoshop some, and have gotten fond of its keyboard shortcuts. Would Premier Elements be a better way to go? (I've heard Adobe keeps consistent with its products.) But I worry these might be too intimidating at first, since I'm going to teach myself, with the help of online tutorials. Do any of you have experience with any of these as a beginner? Or do you have any better suggestions?

    My computer: Samsung notebook, Intel Duo processor, 2gb memory (going to buy more later), USB & HDMI ports (no Firewire), NVIDIA GeForce 310M, running windows 7, 32bit

    Thanks ahead for the help.

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    Hey mr. fibs,
    I started with MAGIX video. It's very intuitive. Look at the site:
    B.T.W: When using your computer for video editing, your graphics card is not of great importance. I know, it sounds paradoxal but processor and memory is more important. An Intel duo processor and 2GB of memory sounds ok, but the more, the better.
    Good luck,
    Henrick Horning

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    Premier Elements and Pinnacle are both good options. I'm an Adobe user and I like their software. It's true that Adobe products work well together although I'm not sure how much that applies in the lower-end products.

    To be honest it probably doesn't matter a whole lot when you're beginning. For quite a while you'll be learning the basics of editing and most applications will do what you need.
    Dave Owen


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