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    Video Editing Software Recommendation

    I am a detective in a small Texas town in the Texas Panhandle, Dumas, TX. I am responsible for dubbing our in car videos for prosecutors and am the Public Information Officer. The Texas Attorney General who promulgates the Open Records laws says that in any video that I release to the public I am required to obscure license plates of living persons prior to releasing the video. Additionally, I have to redact the audio if officers call the LP number to dispatch. This redaction also includes Vehicle Identification Numbers, Driver License numbers and Social Security Numbers.

    Living in a small town, we obviously have a small budget and I need to be able to edit these videos with the least expensive editor I can find.

    Would you have any recommendations for me?


    David Garrett
    Dumas Police Department
    Dumas, TX

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    Have a look at Premiere Elements. You should be able to use the same trick that I use in this tutorial to blur out the plates.
    Dave Owen


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