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    Can anyone help me to make my audio reel?

    Hello all! My name is Jose Moreno, from Mexico, 25 years old and Im a music composer. I want to start my career as a profesional music composer for video-games and films, but Im having troubles figuring how to achieve my goals.

    First of all i want to thank the guy who wrote this because it is very helpful ( ) although that seems to be more for video or short films, but it helps

    So, the point of my post is if anyone is willing to help me to do my audio reel, advices, critics etc... For now i know that 30secs per composition is good, what do you think it would be a right time lenght for a full audio reel?

    I will be making my audio reel step by step.

    PD: English is not my native lenguage, sorry for the mistakes. And for those curious about my music, here is composition of mine:

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    The music is beautiful. But the image doesn't dance with the music together. I would suggest you to use something like the Lord of the Ring landscape to match this epic music. And it is way too long, 30 seconds will make a good impression. People may not want to click the video after they observe it is 3 minutes with 80's imagery.


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