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    Music Video recorded with Canon 2ti

    I recorded these videos with a Canon 2ti. I am using this camera for mainly making my music videos.

    These are my first 2 attempts at making music videos.
    Let me know what you guys think. Constructive cristism, and advice on how to get better quality is welcomed.


    Noise- My 1st video

    Superstar- 2nd video

    Follow me on twitter- @Dalor

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    Music is ok. Video???? I would suggest get rid of those filters and try to do more cuts to sync with music, this will give you more dynamics to the video clips.

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    Nice work. I don't think the filters are too bad although a few of them looked a little out of place, e.g. the swirl on the staircase in the 1st vid looked a bit amateur. I'd also avoid using the same shot for a long time with different filters, e.g. the shot by the road near the end of the 2nd vid.

    Overall very impressive for your first attempts though. Keep it up!
    Dave Owen


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