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    Stream and Embed Video To Blogger

    I am completely new at this. Your patience and any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

    I need to upload training videos to a private blogger blog. I know I can do this with youtube or vimeo. However, the videos are longer than 15 minutes and I don't want to shorten or split them. I would like to find a solution that works like youtube / vimeo, but allows larger files: I want to just copy and paste code into the html section of my post, add any text I'd like to above / below the video and have the video play right on the webpage (embeded and streamed, right?)

    I've looked into mediafire and 4shared, but it seems I only get a hotlink and have to write the rest of the code myself. I can't seem to get it right. For example, I copied the code on the "Streaming Quicktime video" page here are media college (I can't post the link b/c I'm new, right?), but when I look at the published post, it just shows the Quicktime logo, not the video that is show on the media college page.


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    Hi, did you manage to find the solution to your problem? I am also trying to embed videos on my blogger blog much in the same manner you are but I can't find a workable solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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