I work for a junior hockey team video recording all of their home games. This year we purchased a new HD camcorder. It is a consumer level camcorder, not professional or anything. After having it for a few months now, there is one thing I don't understand about HD camcorders for the typical consumer. The idea, I would think, is to be able to watch these great HD videos you take on your big screen TV. But once I take a video off the camera and put it on my computer how am I supposed to watch it in HD on my TV if I don't have any kind of link between the TV and the comuter? I have used iDVD and iMovie from Apple to create DVD's from these files but I am not sure I am getting true HD.

Another problem I have. When I record the games, I feed the signal from the camera into a DVD recorder, but it only has an RCA input for the video. Are there better DVD recorders that have component video inputs? There is an output cable I can get for the camera that has red/green/blue connectors. If so would the resulting DVD be HD or near HD and would 3 hours worth of recording fit on a single DVD. I do not want to go to Blue-ray.

FYI the camera is a JVC Everio GZ-HM670