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    Help with exporting from Premiere

    I am new here, new in the video world but truly loving it!
    I just finished editing a short video (3minutes ish). The video was first edited using Imovie 09 but I was experiencing trouble with the sound synch as I was exporting it. Found out it's a defect in Imovie09 and found a way around by re-editing my video through Premiere. I figured out how to export it and everything worked great until I realized that the video is slightly zoomed in. Meaning that I am missing parts of my footage on the sides... it's like when you print a document that should be printed "landscape" but is not. I don't know if that makes sense to english is not my mother tongue! But anyway, I tried to "fit" it but so far couldn't figure out how to have the whole picture in the frame!
    Already had to re-edit from Imovie to Premiere, was proud of myself figuring a way around but starting to feel a little annoyed... My video is done, just want to export it!!!!
    Thank you to anyone who may have answers for me

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    If you are ready to export, press apple M or file export and then you want to export it ( most likely )

    As a h.264 mov file at 10,000 - 20,000 bitrate

    Check the resolution is the same size as your sequence, you can right click the sequence in your bin and view its properties.

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