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    Choosing a colour to make transparent.

    Hi all, I just found this forum and I think you'll all be seeing a lot more of me in here.
    Ok, I have an logo band image, which I've attached. It has a white background but also has white text, etc within the logos. I am trying to remove the white background but not the white lettering, etc within the individual logos.

    Any tips or pointers would be great.

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    In Adobe Photoshop mask your logo with pentool and crop. Save your logo to .png. In After Effects mask logo and render in alpha chanal as .avi or .mov

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    Hi randelld, welcome to the forum.

    If you're using Photoshop, another way to select the background is to use the magic wand tool. With the tool selected, go to the toolbar and check the box that says "Contiguous". That makes the wand select only areas that are connected to each other. In your case this would not select the areas "inside" each logo.

    I hope that makes sense - try it anyway with contiguous on and then off to see the difference.
    Dave Owen

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    That makes the wand select only areas that are connected to each other.

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    Before using magic wand tool you have to select a new image file which background can be white, transparent or custom color.


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