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    Progressive & Interlaced Scan

    Hi, I've got quite a few questions that I'd like to get sorted out, so goes...

    As I understand it, prog. is better quality than interlaced, but only interlaced looks good on DVDs played on TVs? So if TVs automatically deinterlace interlaced DVDs, how come movies look good on both laptops and TVs? How does hollywood put out movies on DVD? Do they add interlacing? I realize that film is progressive, but when I play a movie on a computer, it looks fine.

    Also I've noticed that a lot of modern HD TVs advertise themselves as being progressive scan. Does this mean they will handle progressive DVDs just fine as well as traditional interlaced DVDs?

    So here's the real question: I've got a DV camera that records both progressive & interlaced, and my output is both to the web and DVD. So - is it better shoot progressive, & add interlacing for DVD? or shoot interlaced, and then deinterlace for the web?


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    I recommend you to shoot in progressive mode. Reason for thet is better quality and most tv today are progressive also the dvd can be made in progressive mode.
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    As you've already seen, it's a very complex issue. We could argue the pros and cons of interlacing all day but in my opinion it comes down to one thing: Progressive is where the future of video lies. Interlacing was a useful solution to a problem that doesn't really exist any more. The web uses progressive, cinemas have always been progressive, LCD monitors and TVs are progressive.

    Older TVs will display progressive as interlaced. Sometimes the result isn't the best but in my experience it's usually fine.

    Even though there are still some situations that are well suited to interlacing, I always use progressive where possible and I don't really have any trouble when it's played on an interlaced screen.

    I long for the day when we're all shooting on some high-speed frame rate such as 48p or 60p. That will finally give us the best of both worlds.
    Dave Owen

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    I apologize that I butt in your dialogue, but it seemed strange that progressive development is better.
    If to compare, more accurate progressive if in a statics of video the chamber!
    If a videocamera in movement, interlacing the favourable.
    I understand not correctly?.


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