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    balance connector to unbalance connector

    hi im jhadie,

    i dont know how to cannect balance connector to unbalance connector, anyone can teach how to do it?

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    how about 3-pin XLR to RCA? how it connects?

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    I should add, connecting balanced outputs to unbalanced inputs (or vice versa) is more than simply resoldering or connecting wires. There is also a signal level difference, as well as noise/interference issues if done improperly. Resoldering wires/connectors is a minimal quality fix and while can be done (in some cases a signal pad or amplifier may be needed as well), it is not the recommended method of going between pro level and consumer level audio devices.

    The best/foolproof method is to use a transformer isolating device, such as one of these (or similar):

    If you really want some technical info on the subject, check out this paper by Bill Whitlock from Jensen Transformers:


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