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    Anthony Banouvong

    Frequency Response on Headsets

    I am looking at these two headsets and I am wondering what the frequency response is?

    One of the headsets the response is 16-28,000 Hz

    The other is 18-28,000 Hz

    Both headsets Impedance is 40 Ohm, What's Impedance?

    This headset is meant for gaming and I'm curious to know which one is better

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    Frequency response refers to ability of a receptive device (i.e. an ear) to reproduce the all the different frequencies it is stimulated from (i.e. a piano score). All the different keys create a different note or different frequency. Under normal conditions most humans can hear 20 Hertz (Hz) to 20 Kilo Hertz (KHz), otherwise frequency response.

    The headsets that your checking out, are almost identical in specifications. The difference of the lower frequecies is negligible.

    Impedence is the electronic circuitry resistance at a certain frequency(ies). The most important thing is to make sure that headset's impedence matches exactly to the output impedence of the amplifier. If you cannot find an exact match, get as close as possible. Imho - I would give no more that a 10-15 percent allowance in difference and even 15 percent may be pushing the limits. Let's say the amplifier has an output impedence of 30 ohms and I can't find the exact match, I'll check out a headset that has an impedence of somewhere between 27 - 33 ohms. I wouldn't go beyond this because then the headset may not perform as well.

    Since the specifications are close, your decision may now be based on comfort, quality, name & price.

    Hope this helps
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