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    sony camcorder issues

    i have a sony camcorder hdr-cx110. I've taken video with it but realized i didn't have it formatted properly so when i tried to load the videos onto my computer everything got messed up and the computer nor the camcorder could play the videos let alone show them on the card. So i downloaded a recovery program was able to get all the still pictures and videos off but they are all in .jpg format. So i have a 500mb .jpg that is actually a video how do i convert it to be able to play. They are xmas videos of my 5 month old's first xmas....wife not so happy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Just to clarify... is this a sequence of JPG images, i.e. a whole bunch of JPG files, or just one file? If you've only got one file then I'm not sure what's going on but it doesn't sound good. If you have a sequence of files then you just need some editing software that can stitch them all together and render them as a proper video file.

    What, if any, editing software do you have?

    Another question: If all else fails, would it be feasible for you to upload the file(s) somewhere were I can get them? I'd be happy to take a look if necessary.
    Dave Owen


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