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    Footage Capturing

    Hello everyone, it is been a while since I was here, however the time has come once again to ask for help on my new video projects. I own JVC GY 110u and tried to shoot in HDV 60p for the best quality. However, when I tried to connect to my laptop with help of Firewire-USB adaptor I faced two problems. First problem is that my pc is not recognizing my video camera I would guess that I need some kind of driver if any. Second problem is that once I go into Capture the Premier CS5 doesn't see my camera I would assume that I need some additional codec. Please help me to get out of the woods.


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    To capture, you better use interface IEEE 1394! (support adobe) driver is not needed.

    to use USB to capture data (driver) on site manufacturer of your camera.
    Firmware upgrade for the GY-HD110U
    If I understand you correctly ...
    Or the use of BR-HD50U HDMI Capture workflow using BlackMagic's Intensity card to capture (Technical Manuals)
    Installation of any codec should be awareness!
    VLC Media player plays your videos?
    If not, then the analysis of your media and install the required codec!
    mediainfo (GSpot270a)
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