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    Carry Tripod & Video Stabilizer onto Plane?

    Hi All!

    This day next week I'll be flying from London to NY, then to LA, Hong Kong, Athens, Rome, Paris and Geneva to shoot a doc.

    I'm hoping to just bring all my gear in a carry no case. My only issue is whether security will confiscate my video stabilizer, see here: and a small tripod.
    One of the airlines said there would be no problem as long as it fits in case, but my fear lies with security.

    Does anyone have any experience carrying stabilissers/tripods on a plane and/or know anything about the security at any of the airports above?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Quite frankly I would be concerned about the quality of any tripod that would fit in a Cary-on for a plane.


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    Lots of my friends routinely take video equipment on overseas jobs. It would be unusual to take it as carry-on luggage though, as it's generally to big and bulky for that. Having said that, I do know of some people who say they manage to take their cameras as carry-on.

    I can't see the stabilizer being a security problem. As long as it's not on the prohibited list you should be fine.
    Dave Owen


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