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    Video Effects

    Hi i am currently studying a BA Hons in Contemp Acting and my project is based on drug and alcohol use in teenagers.

    I am making a mini-film myself and i have absolutley NO experience in recording etc. I have reserached and tried to find ways in which i can portray certain visual effects within my video but have had no luck what so ever!!

    I want to show -

    A tripping/dizzy effect - would i just zoom in and out constantly to show this or is there another way?

    A Hallucination/dreamy- like effect to show the effects of drugs etc

    A Scouring thoughts type effect - where the thoughts of the person are popping up constantly

    A Blur effect - i heard vaseline works??

    And lastly, a panning effect like used in Kill Bill - A character talks then the video stops on them .. there is dialogue or narration and then the scene comes back in, is this more of a programme effect that i would do at the editing stage?

    I would LOVE some advice and help on this
    Thanks so much x

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. My first question would be: What editing software will you be using and do have have any editing skills/experience? In particular, are you able to add effects to your clips from your editing software?

    As a rule I prefer to do the types of effects you're talking about in post-production, that is, shoot the footage normally and add the effects as you're editing. That gives you a lot more flexibility. However this is only a rule of thumb and it doesn't always apply.

    A good example would be the blur effect. Yes, vaseline is an option but IMO you're much better off shooting in focus and adding a blur effect later. Then you can determine exactly how much blur, what type of blur, etc.

    The tripping/dizzy effect: Yep, the zooming trick could work nicely. If you're going to shoot with the zooms, you'll need to be able to zoom quickly. Not necessarily big zooms, but short fast ones. A manual zoom ring would probably work better than the servo zoom found in most cameras, as they don't usually provide the type of fast erratic zooms that you're after. Again, you could do this in post instead - although it would be more work and technically not quite as good, it does leave you with more control and it means you don't need to rely on the camera being able to pull it off. Have you tried it with your camera at all?

    The Hallucination/dreamy could be done with Adobe Premiere's Ghosting effect. There are many other effects that could do similar things; most of the best ones need to be purchased as addons though.

    With the Scouring thoughts type effect, are you wanting to bring up text showing the person's thoughts? This could be done with creative use of any good titling package.

    I have to admit I still haven't seen Kill Bill. Maybe this post will prompt me to finally get it out and I could get back to you.

    The bottom line is that most of this stuff will depend on your editing software and your skills with it. You could do pretty much everything here with a good knowledge of Adobe After Effects. To a lesser extent you could do it with the built-in functionality of Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut. If you're using a basic cut & render application, things will be trickier.
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