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    Updating website

    Hi I am new to this and hoping somebody could help me. I would like to know how to update website.the tools to be used to edit webpages also updating the company blog . I am an intern and i dont know how to start.I know the html codes but need to know the editing software

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    I've just answered a similar question that you might want to read too:

    In your case, if you already know enough HTML to make the changes, then any old text editor will do the job. All you'll then need is some way to upload the files (e.g. CuteFTP).

    Of course, in the real world it's more complicated than that. If you want to update your company's website you should start by finding out what they currently use as you'll probably be be constrained by that. There are many, many ways to update a website and without knowing what system is already being used it's impossible to make any recommendations. For example, I could say "Use Adobe Dreamweaver - it's the best", but then your company might be using a custom CMS (content management system) that would break apart if you started mucking it up with Dreamweaver.

    So I'm sorry there's no simple answer, but we really need more details from your end first.
    Dave Owen


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