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    how to do Marriage Live video Broadcast in our website?


    We are running Studio in india. our customers wants to do live telecast of their marrige through internet.

    I dont know how to seup this things. Can you pls tell me to setup and what products we need for that.


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    I'd recommend going to one of the popular live streaming websites such as or They take care of most of the difficult stuff. You just set up an account and follow the instructions.

    At your end you'll need some way to send the live stream to the website. The big question will be whether you stream a single camera or whether you want to mix multiple cameras into the stream. If it's one camera, it's very easy and the instructions at those streaming sites should be all you need. If it's more than one camera, it's quite a bit more difficult.

    Naturally your budget will be important. If you're going to do this sort of thing regularly I highly recommend Vidblaster. It's a live video production application that allows you to mix multiple cameras and stream them directly to the web. I've used it to stream to both and Unfortunately Vidblaster is expensive so you'll need to be able to justify the cost.
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