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    Two (external) mics with a single camcorder.

    I have a Canon HF R200 (consumer) camcorder. It has an external mic jack in the form of a 3.5mm (1/8") stereo minijack. The camera manual suggests the use of a self powered (stereo) condenser mic.

    I have a wireless mic setup that outputs to a 3.5mm mono plug. It seems to work great with this camera. I want to buy another wireless mic and wire the two mono outputs into one stereo 3.5mm plug so that I can have a mic for an interviewer and a separate mic for the interviewee.

    Is there any reason that this will not work?

    In other words:
    Can I hook the two shields together and use one mic's signal as left channel and the other mic's signal as right channel?

    Thanks in advance! I just found this site today and I love it already.

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    Yes, in fact I often do a similar thing. You don't necessarily need to do any wiring yourself though - all you really need is an adaptor like this one:

    It can be a little awkward having one of these sticking out of the camera, but it works.

    Glad you like the site
    Dave Owen

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    Agreed, there's no need to cut up and mess with your wireless mic cables, an adapter would work just fine. Something like this would perhaps give a lower profile sticking out of your camera:

    Most of these Y-cables are intended/marketed to split a stereo output into two mono signals, but don't worry the cable works in both directions. It's just wire, after all.

    After recording, in your editing software just separate the left and right channels of the recording into two mono tracks. I almost always hijack a stereo feed to capture two mono signals this way.


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