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    How can I dynamically resize a video on a Web page with Publisher 200y

    I created a Web site using Publisher 2007, I have a "Media" page that I want to present Videos and Audio Clips. I can imbed them. But as time goes the number of objects will grow and I will run out of room for them given the size of the windows they play in.

    Is there a way to place just a thumbnail of the Video and Audio clips on the page, And then allow the visitor to click on it or hoover over it and have the file open in frame who's dimensions I can set? For example, I create a thumbnail with a frame size of 100 by 70 and an underlaying HTML fragment. The purpose of the fragment is to open a .wmv file, with controls, and a frame size of 500 x 300. And, of course, a click to close.

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    I created a Web site using Publisher 2007
    Well I hate to say it but that's a problem for two reasons:
    (1) Publisher is pretty much the worst web development tool you will find. It's absolutely rubbish at creating web pages.
    (2) It's difficult to find people who can help you use Publisher as a web design tool, because anyone who knows what they're doing avoids Publisher like the plague.

    The last time I tried to use Publisher to make a web page was in 1998 and I've never tried since, so I'm afraid I have no idea how you'd it or if this sort of thing is even possible in Publisher.

    Having said that, if it's possible to edit the HTML directly and not have Publisher interfere with what you've done, than I guess anything is possible and it won't matter that you're using a dud program. Are you able to edit the HTML?

    Anyway, I think these are your main options:
    - Try going to a forum that specializes in Publisher rather than web design. Unfortunately in web design forums you'll probably get a hostile response for trying to use Publisher. At least in a Publisher forum you'll get a friendly audience.
    - Learn how to do this sort of thing in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. If you plan to do more of this type of work I strongly recommend this route. A few weeks or months of learning up front will save you all sorts of pain in the long run, and your finished product will be much better.
    - Purchase a better web development tool such as Adobe Dreamweaver. This is a step in the right direction but still no substitute for learning HTML.
    - Pay someone to do it for you. As long as you've done most of the web creation and you're clear about what you want, it shouldn't actually be too expensive.

    One last option would be to show us the actual page that you're working on. It's possible that someone might be able to give you the correct code to fix it.
    Dave Owen

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    I am not a developer and I cannot afford to pay someone to design for me. I have Publisher becasue it is part of the suite my company has provided to me. Having said all of that ... I did not expect the "hostile" attitude that Publisher has towards it. But I do understand. After using is for a while I can sense that it is limited. I can, however, learn to use HTML coding. So I will practice with it for a while and try to use it. My hosting site does give me access to the HTML code behind my design so editing it should not be an issue. My site is Thanks for your response. It has been helpfull.

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    By the way ... I think your site is great!!!

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