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    Streaming Video While Outdoors

    Hello all, got a question. I`d like to be able to stream video to the web a site such as UStream. I`m kinda a fishing fanatic and would like to figure a way to stream my fishing from a boat to said website.
    I will be taking a week long fishing trip with a few buddy`s in mid May, and would like to stream a bit so friends and family or whoever could watch at their convinence. I dont plan on streaming for longer than a few hours at a time.
    OK, when it comes to equipment, it may seem out of the ordinary. I plan on using my new IPhone to be a wifi hotspot. I will be out in the countryside and at least 15 miles from any town, just relying on my 3G phone for the bitrate.
    If anyone can shed any light on how easy or hard this may be, I`d like to hear it.
    I have a IPhone 4s and an IPAD 2 at my disposal. Even though I doubt I will take my IPAD out in the boat. Dont want it to get wet.
    I`m thinking of rigging up a mount for my IPhone to set it above the boat a few feet so as to see all action that goes on.
    One important question here. Can I use my Iphone as a wifi hotspot & stream video on UStream at the same time with the IPhone? Not sure how I like that idea as I wouldnt be able to answer,text or do phone calls in the middle of my stream.
    Possibly I could stream video at the cabin when we werent fishing.
    NO wifi at the cabin.
    No others in my party will have a phone capable of producing a wifi signal for the week im gone.
    My IPAd and my IPhone are new aquires so I havent had a chance to test any of these ideas out yet.
    Do you think, given the hardware, that I will able to stream a decent video from the countryside to the website UStream?


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    My biggest concern with this would be the cost. I don't know what sort of charges you have for data transfer on your phone but where I live this would be very expensive indeed.

    If your data prices aren't too bad than you might be interested in UStream's iPhone app:
    Dave Owen

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    I have a 2 Gb data plan on my phone per month. When I am at home I strictly use wi-fi so I dont use much of my data plan the way it is. I would only stream maybe a couple times during my week vacation. And maybe for only a half hour to hour each time. Guess I`ll have to keep an eye out on how much data gets used that week.
    I already have UStreams App.


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