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Thread: Easy light kits

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    Easy light kits

    Hello everybody. I am going to make some interview shooting. My team is of 2/3 person. I need to have some light kits which are very easy to handle & carry. At my location there is no electricity facity.
    I will try to shoot outdoor but sometimes I will have to go for indoor shooting.
    I want your suggestion. Please help me.

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    Hello Modak,

    I'm not totally clear as to what you are looking for. Are you looking for a light kit that will run on batteries since there is no electricity available? Or any kind of light kit info of brand and model?
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    Thanks for reply.
    I will shoot single person's interview. I will operate camera, mic and lighting by myself with the asistance of one or two person. So I want to have light kits that are small, easy to handle & easy to carry for me and that will run on batteries since there is no electricity available. I dont need very profissional anything.
    Thank you again.


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