Can someone please help I am finding all this de-interlacing etc a minefield.I have shot my first wedding with my canon xl1 pal in normal mode 25fps which I believe is interlaced and I am more than happy with the footage when played back direct to a tv.It will end up on a DVD.
After capturing to pc and edited I placed the footage in a new window,I then matched my project with the source video...
Q1 do I need to adjust any of the field options in the project window or the media itself?
Q2 Do i render to avi with a lossless codec first then burn disc in vegas allowing vegas to render to mpg or do i render to mpg then burn disc.
Q3Whatever I render to do I alter any of the fields before burning

I have tried so many different ways and used loads of discs but I am either getting slightly staggered video or lines on movement and a loss of quality.The footage was shot at 1/50 shutter speed,surely there is a standard setting for canon xl1.cheers