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    PC question

    Hi Guys, do any of you use a seperate PC for your editing work,
    someone sugested to me this would be a good option keeping all the film stuff seperate from my general PC

    2nd question is..would you then burn your film to DVD to upload it to your general PC to put on web

    what are your thoughts ?


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    That's a good idea and it's nice to do if possible, but I wouldn't get too hung up about it. Back in the early days of computer-based editing it was quite a big deal and we used to do things like disable every single application that wasn't edit-related or essential (e.g. disable the computer's clock display). These days computers are so much more powerful and those other applications aren't too much of a problem, although it still is a good idea to keep other things to a minimum and maybe disable automatic updates so they don't get in the way while you're working.

    I do try to keep my edit PC reasonably clean and I certainly don't go installing superfluous applications.

    It's worth pointing out that I use Adobe's Master Collection which includes all my web design software and other stuff too. Unfortunately I have no choice but to run it all on the same PC which is frustrating but I live with it because it's so much cheaper as a bundle.

    Regarding the second question, my answer is definitely no. For starters your edit PC is probably connected to the Internet and there's no reason not to upload directly from there. In addition, I wouldn't waste a DVD just to transfer files between computers - either network the PCs together or use a USB stick.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanks Dave for the Input..I didn't think about using a USB stick (Doh) lol

    the one point that did get me thinking could you run software like adobe without being connected to the internet ,
    I guess keeping the 2nd pc clear of all the other rubbish will be a better bet as my main PC is sooooooooo slow these days
    thaks for a great reply


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    Its a good idea.But cant you increase your pc memory and try to make it out .i am not sure. But i have heard like that,we can increase our memory in you better ask some one about this.

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    Is it a good idea using a separate PC to do your work? Elementary, my dear Watson.

    In the good ol' days when the cost of a decent PC was equivalent to two months' salary before taxes, I could understand hesitating.
    Nowadays I can't imagine anybody not having a working PC not exposed to be bombarded with "superfluous" Internet debris.

    In my case, getting all the software installed and the PC properly set up was a matter of weeks, not to mention the stuff in different stages of progress.
    I'm not worried about the speed or the lack of it, but imagine some greedy eager-beaver software company was to penetrate my PC and manage to "update" or "improve" any of the software ... Thanks, but no thanks. I don't even want to think about that possibility.

    My Internet machine on the other hand, has a 40Gb HDD which I keep cloning if I notice any unusual behaviour.

    And yes, naturally, a USB stick to act as the "middle man" for transferring stuff back and forth.

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    I still subscribe to the old school mentality that my editing machines, once loaded and configured become stand-alone editing appliances. Web surfing and e-mailing are all done on another machine. PCs and hard drives don't cost what they used to these days. Get a couple, it'll be worth it in the long run.


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