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    How Do I Upload Streaming Video Around Town?

    I have a business idea that requires driving around my city (Kansas City, MO) and stopping at locations to take video. I intend to purchase a somewhat nice camera to do the shooting. I then need this video to be uploaded to the internet so that only people who pay for my service can see this video as it's being recorded. How do I do this? I don't know much of anything when it comes to the technical side of how this is done. A Sprint store told me if I get an Air card or something other thing that plugs into a USB port and pay $50/month for 6gigs of data, that should provide enough speed to get my video to the internet.

    Can anyone tell me how this works or at least where I can find information to learn from?

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    I think you have to purchase tricaster virtual setup eg TCXD850 for streaming live or post production.

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