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Thread: Audio Spec.

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    Audio Spec.

    Hello All

    TX audio input level: 0dB, 10k ohm balanced
    RX audio output level: 0dB, 50 ohm maximum balanced

    I will develop a product with spec which customer mentioned as above , could someone kindly explain these information for me ? Thanks a million.


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    Iím a bit confused myself. TX = Transmit means to me, an output. RX = Receive, means to me, an input. The spec that you mentioned has the opposite wording from what Iím use to.

    Audio Input Level (the target):
    - The nominal audio Reference level is zero on a VU meter at 0 decibels.
    - The impedance of 10 kilo ohms resistance should match the sourceís (where the signal is generated from) impedance as well, 10K Ohm.
    - The wiring is balanced using XLR or TRS (ľĒ Tip, Ring, Sleeve) connectors.

    Audio Output Level (the source):
    - The nominal audio Reference level is zero on a VU meter at 0 decibels.
    - Since the impedance is only 50 Ohms, (much smaller) the target equipment (i.e. speaker or headphone) should also match the same impedance.
    - The wiring is the same as I mentioned above.

    Am I too much like a technical manual??
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