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    Teque; old man needs lots of help,new to everything.

    I am getting closer to embedding Windows Media Player in my website. Success seemingly imminent,( I have a whole stack of sample codes) I now have misgivings. If I embed media player in website and do not like it, how difficult is removal from website? What I want is Product Demonstration Videos that can be played by website visitors. I need an editable playlist where selections can be made by website visitors. Am I working in the right direction or should I be looking at on-line storage or cloud system to store and make my videos accessible to site visitors?

    Sincere apologies if I have violated any conventions or rules with this request. I am totally new at all this: just an old man seeking help.

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    Embedding video in GoDaddy webpage

    This is a postscript I guess. I have made dozens of attempts to embed windows media player in Quick Shopping Cart webpage. Used code I copied from here and other places. Best result a narrow band demarking location of where video would display. Go-Daddy techs say I can't embed windows media player because website is template base, if I buy another website from them(website tonight) I can embed windows player and link to my website. Website tonight is also a template based website. Why can windows media player go on one and not the other? Is the tech support for Quick Shopping Cart trying to switch me over to a different tech support team with website tonight? I have been a persistant pest, trying to get this done. Help please... somebody?


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