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    Soundtrack Pro Question

    Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I was visiting this forum and here we go again. I would like to ask people who know soundtrack pro in terms inf music background for creating a podcast. I'm in the middle of creating a poetry sound tracks and adding some musical background. however, I'm not too sure how to adjust a music in terms if its value where in the beginning the music would play louder , than during my readings it wold fade out and as soon as I finish my readings the music would resume to normal. I would be very appreciated to those who knows how to accomplish this result in a professional way. Thanks to all.

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    Have a look at this tutorial that shows how to do it in Premiere Pro:

    For Soundtrack Pro it's basically the same process (at least I'm fairly sure it is). Make sure you're in multitrack view with the sound envelope expanded for the track you want to adjust. You'll need to double-click instead of Ctrl-click to create keyframes, but other than that I think it's pretty much the same.
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