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Thread: APP Vs FCP

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    APP Vs FCP

    Hello everyone. I would like to ask the crowd about difference in terms of its technical aspects APP vs FCP. I would assume that the first question would be "What I'm trying to achieve?"

    Well. I would love to become a professional editor so I can edit documentary films as well as short narrative movies, weddings, etc. At this point I got my hands on FCP as an entry level, but I don't know much of a difference since I never done any work on APP.

    All I know that apple computers cost a fortune vs PC where its cost significantly lower . I would love to hear from people who've done extensive work on both platforms and know real difference.


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    Here's my comparison:

    Unfortunately I can't offer any personal experience with Final Cut X but from everything I've read and heard from people in the industry, it's no longer an option for professional editors. That may change in the future but frankly there's nothing much to give me any confidence. In my opinion there's only one choice between these two and it's PPRO.
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    We used to do everything on FCP until version X came out - I'm really not sure what Apple were thinking with this release but it is a massive step backwards, and for all those who know and love FCP it was a massive disappointment. If you can get hold of an earlier copy of FCP I would go with that over APP, but in a shoot out between FCPX and APP, I would have to say APP.


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