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    Hi Limbo,

    Well let me tell you what i have done, and its frankly depressing and hit and miss.. lol

    Im not sure what 'broke or changed' on my system to make this process so difficult, and I wish I was alone.. lol but since Im not just bear in mind anyone reading this Im not a expert, this is simply what has worked for me.
    Using PS 5.5 version.
    This file in the examples has a light grey background just so you know, and is in .png format.
    Open your file, and select New, then when you get that box make sure you select Transparency and copy your file over, use the wand tool to remove unwanted areas as you (i assume) did before. When you save this file you need to save it as a web file File > Save for Web.
    In the new screen be sure that the Transparency is ticked and that the Matte is set to None.

    This will only let you save in the original file format, but it does allow for .gif or .png,, and even .jpg if you use that.

    If your ok with a .gif format you can also save your image as a copy File > Save as copy > drop down choose .gif or .jpg.. although .jpg looks like crap.

    Of course as you found out, like I did save as.. and .psd wont work with any other programs.

    I have also experimented with some of the ways to get that background to be actually transparent in the newer PS CS i have installed and if you have any questions about that one or sumpin here you can email me, I have a few links that where helpful but fear posting them here may not be ok. Ive have added an attachment of this last process and the work i was messing with to test it recently. Hope this is ok with yall admins here.
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    Im so sorry to double post here but i just also discovered something not mentioned by anyone here. I also made sure its a feature available on the older versions and it is.

    If you have your image ready to save, with parts removed you need removed, then click the Help button up top, and choose export to transparency wizard and just follow the directions. I just tried it and it worked also saving it in .png or .gif. It does mention a bug for IE users and .png and I am a FireFox user so didn't have a problem.

    Thanks for letting me share

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    Ok, this may have been asked already, but I have to leave my house in a second here and I'm kinda in a hurry. So, here's the question: I'm trying to use the Magic Wand Tool. I can get the actual tool to work, but once I try to make the selected area transparent, I don't know how. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

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    hit delete.....or on PC the backspace button
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    I am trying the photomerge . I have a biohazard logo , which initially had a black background then after using the magic wand tool method i managed to get a transparent background , saved it in .gif format . Now i want to merge this logo with a JPEG image . First of all i want to know that is it possible to merge a JPEG and a GIF image ? If so , then when u try to do so , the biohazard lable which had a transparent background , after merging with the JPEG image it has a white background . Could somebody help me with this on how to get the background as transparent in photo merging . I am new to this , so please keep the tutorial as easy as possible .
    To make it clear what the image is looking like ,

    Now as you can see there is still a rectangle visible around the logo and also it is making the logo also transparent . So , how to get this done ?

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    thanks for the PM directing my attention to this thread again.......there are always good questions in here.


    With your question, do you still have the tow different layers? If so, click on the bio-hazard layer, and use the magic eraser and click on the white part. once it is highlighted hit the delete button (Backspace on PC). ask me if you can not do this due to it being one layer!

    hope this helps!
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    @Kawasakimx6 : Thanks for replying .

    I tried doing that . I opened the image above in photoshop and tried deleting the white background with the magic wand tool . But after doing so , i got another white background . This is how it looked after that .

    I had made the biohazard pic. transparent seperately and saved it as a .gif image . Later tried to combine it with a JPEG image . I am not too sure if i can combine a .gif with a JPEG image . Also , how do you check whether a photo has two layers or just one ?

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    Do you have the background as a separate file? if so host them both and i will do it for you and show you what i did step by step
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    Yes , i have the seperate pictures . Here is the background one .

    And here is the photo i want to merge ,

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    hosing pics. hold a min

    I made 4 of them let me know what one you where trying to do if any and i will tell you exactly what i did
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